Alfa Beta Heart

To beloved webmasters, with heartfelt appreciation

Hi. I'm Lorain D. Buli and I created this website to host and distribute small web services to fellow webmasters in my network.


Analytics and Web Services

I offer Matomo for secure, fully-featured, GDPR-compliant web analytics.

Other services are being worked on...

And about me...



In the spirit of privacy and the ideal that the sharing of ideas on the Internet doesn't have to be linked to a physical person - and that private life should stay private - I am not disclosing my real identity online.

Lorain Deritti Buli is the name I gave myself after playing with a few acronyms of my real name. (No avatars of myself are available yet. I have an artist working on one.)

Heartfelt Projects

    Current Projects:
  • Alfa Beta Heart (of course)
  • (this one is very dear to my heart, and it's not 'adult content' as some may think)
  • Semi-personal, anonymized blog in the making...

If you are a webmaster in my network, write to